Monday, February 23, 2004

Is It Just Me #399

I was watching TV today.. amazing how many of my stories start out with that phrase isn't it! Anyway.. I was watching TV today, and a commercial came on for a local massage school. In the commercial, they showed something that kinda creeped me out, and I was wondering if I'm strange, or if it would seem strange to others too. I could be very could be about it, really, but ya know how some things just hit ya weird..this was one of em. They showed the massage person standing over the massagee girl and massaging her face. Running her fingers over her temples and down her face. Now..I've never had a professional massage, but do they do this regularly? even some of them? That would just freak me out! This is why I think I may be slightly off. If a stranger touched my face, I'd freak. Now, massaging the temples to relax someone.. maybe I could be okay with that, as long as it stopped there, but not the forehead and running their hands on your face..::shudder::: Touching someone's face, to me, is a pretty intimate thing. Or am I wrong about this? Lover's caress your cheeks, or cup your face as you kiss. Mother's kiss their children on the cheeks..or lips..and touch them for reassurance and stuff. Lovers and best friends may wipe your tears if you cry. But..some stranger giving you a massage.. I just don't think I'd be likin' that very much at all. Maybe if it was someone you've been getting massages from regularly for a while. You've built up trust..a friendship. Even then, I think it would still be kinda weird, but I maybe could get over it. Just some freak with a massage table I don't know trying to massage my face..nuh uh! So, how strange am I that this weirded me out? Anybody? Bueller?

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