Thursday, February 19, 2004

Oh Happy Day...

I'm doing a happy dance this morning. I'm very, very excited. I can hardly contain my joy! If I wasn't happy before about the fact that I moved into my new house, into my new neighborhood, I'd sure be happy about it now. Not only are they building me a Super Wally World up the street, though they haven't started actually building it yet, and I'm sure when it's slated to be open, now...because the Gods are smiling on me..they just opened a Chinese restaurant up the road a piece that DELIVERS. Yes..yummy, yummy Chinese food will now be available for delivery right to my door. No longer will pizza be my only choice for takeout on those nights I don't feel like cooking.. which is often. General's chicken, beef and broccoli, chicken chow mein, beef lo, greasy, very, very fattening and oh so bad for me egg rolls.. at my beck and call. This may not seem like a big whoop to all you spoiled people who have always had this..or to those of you who have places like Steak Out (we used to have them but they closed dammit!) but Chinese delivery around these parts is a rarity. Then again.. I can't order a lot of things I normally would order since I'm trying to diet and all that stuff, but I'm sure I can find something healthy on the menu that I like, plus..once in a while... I can cheat a little. You know..just every so often. At the moment, I'm poor and don't have any extra money to be spendin' on take out, but when I get paid you can bet yer sweet bippy I'm callin' them and gettin me some goodies.. healthy ones, of course.

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