Friday, February 13, 2004

Sad, Sad News

Barbie dumps Ken

So, Barbie and Ken have broken up. Apparently, Barbie has herself a new squeeze, Blaine, and she's dumping her man of 43 years ..on Valentine's Day, no less. That's cold. Was it his reluctance to make a commitment and marry her? Was it his latent homosexual tendencies? Did she catch him and GI Joe with their pants down? Perhaps, she simply wants to concentrate on her careers and travel. I don't know, but it's just sad. Then again, it's not surprising. AFter the breakup of Bennifer, its clear that you just never know what will happen when it comes to love. I hope it was an amicable split, and they were able to reach agreements as to breakup of the assets. Who gets the dream house? the cabin cruiser? the multiple sports cars, motorcycles, and all the various other accessories? Who will get custody of the cat and dog, and the horses? Will there be a palimony suit in the future? Maybe the details will be announced at some future date.

I wonder if THIS had anything to do with the breakup?

Or, maybe he just couldn't fit in with her new lifestyle..

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