Friday, February 27, 2004

Sounds About Right To Me

I stole this from Kazoofus

Multiple Intelligence Test

Linguistic: 9

Logical-Mathematical: 5

Spatial: 7

Bodily-Kinesthetic: 9

Musical: 10

Interpersonal: 7

Intrapersonal: 8

A Short Definition of your Highest Score

Musical - the ability to understand and develop musical technique, to respond emotionally to music and to work together to use music to meet the needs of others, to interpret musical forms and ideas, and to create imaginative and expressive performances and compositions. Possible vocations that use the musical intelligence include technician, music teacher, instrument maker, choral, band, and orchestral performer or conductor, music critic, aficionado, music collector, composer, conductor, and individual or small group performer.

Click here to learn more about what each area means

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