Thursday, February 26, 2004

Sucky Crappy Day

Today was a pisser, let me tell ya. I don't know how it is in other parts of the world when ya try to get a cab, but here in Jacksonville, in certain parts of town, it's not easy. I happen to live in an area that doesn't have a lot of regular drivers that work this area all the time, so today I had to call one and it was a total phuqing suck fest. I had to go to Albertsons to get some stuff, mostly cuz I ran out of dog food and the puppies have to eat. J said he'd bring me Friday or Saturday, he didn't have time before then, but I couldn't starve the dogs til then, so I called a cab. After 45 minutes, still no cab, I was about to call them back when Brenda called and said Danny was heading over here to pick up the rent. So I asked him, and he said he'd drop me off at the store.. no problem. So, I called the cab company to cancel the cab, and after 45 minutes of waiting noone had even picked up the call yet. I coulda been waiting til 7:00 to get to the store. I decided I didnt' wanna have to wait for a cab at the store when I was done, so I put in a time call for them to pick me up at the store at 7:30.. I went shopping.. I finished shopping.. and 7:30 came and went. No Cab! I called back.. pissed off! After I explained to the phone lady that the purpose of a time call is so that I don't have to wait while they "try to get someone out there", she said she would send someone as soon as she could. WTF!! They said they were really busy. So, yada yada 8:30 I gave up and called another Gator cab. They showed up 35 minutes later. I got home about 9:15.. 5-1/2 phuqin hours to get to a store about 2 miles from my house and get back home. That really, really, really sucked. no.. I mean REALLY. Good thing is was cold as hell outside, or everything woulda been thawed and melted. I froze my ass off, cuz it was rainy and very cold out tonight. Anyway, its done now and I'm home, toasty warm, and very tired. I'm going to lay my tired behind down now and sleep for a couple hours before I get up and attempt to work tonight.

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