Monday, February 16, 2004

Tickle Tickle

Ya know what happens when you have really, really long hair? Anyone who has long hair, or lives with someone who has really, really long hair, can probably tell ya what happens. Unless it's just me, and nobody else has this problem at all. I have really, really long hair. I'm 5'11, and it goes pert near to my butt.. so it's pretty long. The problem is, it tends to get all over the place. It falls out, as hair sometimes will, and is on your clothes, the furniture, the rugs.. just pretty much everywhere. Sometimes, something strange happens. Well, my hair likes underwear. It loves to get into people's underwear, and nestle into the cracks of their butts. Many's the time when my mom, one of my brothers, or my roomies would come out and tell me I needed to keep my hair to myself, cuz they just fished a wad outta their undies. That's why this morning, I started cracking up when I heard J exclaim from the bathroom "You and your g-dam hair!", and he came out to show me the looooooong ass strand he'd just fished from his butt. It had been tickling him all night. Yeah, it doesn't take much to amuse me.

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