Thursday, February 12, 2004

Valentines Day is Coming

Here it is, just a few days before Valentine's Day, and all I have to say is..big phuqin' whoop! I'm all for romance and love and smoochin' and stuff, but I just hate all the hype. Florists, greeting card companies, candy makers, stuffed animal makers, etc, they all love it, but to me, it's just a load of crap. On the one hand, I do appreciate a card from my man, reminding me how much he lurves me, but if he doesn't bring me a card on any other day, or tell me he loves me in some way, I find it a little insincere. If he only brings me flowers or gifts because he's supposed to, then I just think it's a waste. Of course, I don't feel the same way about Christmas gifts, and I don't have the time to go in to why that is at the moment, but maybe I will a little later. I will probably get J a card and some sort of gift, and he will probably get me some kinda token, if he has cash, and if he remembers it's Valentine's Day, but I'll be here working, and he'll be working, and that's okay with me. If he wants to take me out to dinner next weekend and buy me roses and candy, I'll be overjoyed, but I'll take my romance when it's genuine and heartfelt, and not when Russell Stover tells me to.

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