Saturday, February 07, 2004

Wow! That's a Lot Of P*ssy

Couple wants their 96 cats returned

Damn... 96 cats in one house! Yikes, that's a heck of a lot of kitties. I just can't imagine having that many cats in one house. I love kitties, but that's a little excessive, if ya ask me. Not that anyone did. My ex-friend and ex-roommate, Princess Fatass, and her girlfriend Cheryl, had anywhere from 8 to 15 cats at any given various kittens. They lived with me, so I lived with the cats. They weren't spayed or neutered, so they would inbreed, and go outside and get pregnant from outside cats, as well. They also would jump up on tables and shelves and knock things off.. things that belonged to me mostly.. and break them. None of which ever got replaced. They would pee and poop behind my entertainment center and in every corner of the living room, and PFA wouldn't clean it. I would end up cleaning it. It was absolutely disgusting. Then she would blame it on the dogs, saying that they made more mess than the cats, etc. Yeah, right! It's one thing to have a large number of animals, if you can take care of them, and it sounds as if these people are, but when you don't keep up on the litter boxes and can't afford to get them spayed or neutered, you have no business having that many critters. From the sound of the article, it sounds as if they are handling them all well, taking care of them, seeing that they have food and medical care, and keeping the house clean. In cases like that, I think it takes big cahones for the SPCA or whoever to step in and just decide that they can't care for them with no evidence that they can't. Welcome to America, the land of the free.

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