Wednesday, March 17, 2004

Another Day Bites The Dust

Today, I took the day off. I had a list of things I wanted to accomplish. I thought I might run to my sister's to spend some more time with my one remaining brother who is still here. He'll be here until Friday. I was going to read a bit, and watch a movie, and catch up in a major way on my blog reading and writing. I haven't hardly visited anyone since Wednesday, and you see how much time I've had to post. But..what did I end up doing today instead, you ask? I slept All. Freakin. Day. Long. I think I had a grand total of 5 conscious hours..maybe 6. I guess I was a little tiny bit tired. This was the first day in two weeks I've taken completely off, and this last week, from Wednesday on until yesterday, were just so busy and hectic, I guess I wore myself out. Danny came and brought me my new stove yesterday, so I actually got to cook a meal today. That was exciting. That was about the only thing I did all day actually. Tomorrow, I'll be going to my sister's most likely. It's St. Patty's Day, and she'll probably do some corned beef and cabbage..yuuuuuum..and she said something about going to christen the brand new Super Wally World that opens tomorrow up the street from her house. She said that Sue, my sis-in-law, said something about maybe going to the beach one day this week, but if they don't go there, we'll probably go shopping. It's kinda nice to not have training this week, I get to sleep in the morning. Rather, i would get to sleep in the morning if Brenda didn't get up at 5:30 every morning and feel it was her duty to be sure I was up with her. She likes to talk to me while she drinks her coffee in the morning, so she calls and wakes me up. Her morning wouldn't be complete without my daily obscenities I spew when she wakes me up. Diane said she may go to the movies tomorrow too, but I don't think I'll go with her there. She wants to see The Passions of Christ...but I don't think I wanna see that one. I'll wait for the video. Somehow I think the violence and stuff may be easier to take, and less intense, on the T.V. screen. She said the kids want to go see it with her, but I don't think I'd bring them, if I were her. I'm not her, though, so I guess she'll have to decide on her own to bring them or not.

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