Saturday, March 27, 2004


Just thought I'd do up a little something while J is out and about. My Gawd he irritated the shit out of me today! He was home all day, and he was okay most of the day, pretty much staying in his room watching movies and trying to entice me to come lay down and "watch a movie" with him. Hehe .. I know better than to think I'd actually get to watch the movie. I just wasn't in the mood to deal with it.

So..anyway..tonight, I had a little computer problem, and that's when the fun started. I had stayed up til early this morning working and slept a few hours, then got up and worked a few hours, until I decided to stop so I could clean my house some and take a nap. When I woke up, I sat down at the computer and proceeded to get ready to work, but Junior decided it was time for some kitty love, and before I had time to stop him, he jumped up on to my desk and knocked over the huge glass of lemonade I had sitting there. Splash!! all over my damn keyboard. I tried to wipe it out and dry it off, but I knew it was just not gonna be saveable, and I told J we needed to head to Wally World for me to get a new keyboard. I figured it would be 45 minutes, an hour tops, and I'd be back to work. I'm so dang silly sometimes, I don't where I get these ideas. He's been wanting a wireless keyboard for a while, so when I told him that's what I was getting, he asked if I'd get him one too, but I told him it depended on how much they were. All they had was a keyboard and mouse combination for 30.00, which is about how much I paid for his wireless mouse a couple weeks ago. I told him bite me, I wasn't doing it, he'd have to bring the mouse back and trade it in for the combo pack if he wanted one. Sooo..we shopped a bit, I got tons of groceries and some new clothes, and we came home. After I put the groceries away and packaged the meat, and got everything settled down, it was now about 8:30.. so much for my 1 hour deal. I then came in here, and tried to set up the new stuff, but my puter wouldn't boot. I called J, and he said my monitor card was loose, and he fixed it. Then he decided to try to install my stuff for me.. that's when the fun REALLY started. I finally said phuque it, I don't care, just give me a keyboard so I can get some freakin work done. See, he wanted the new one, so he really didn't want to make it work for me. He says it won't work cuz I have Windows 98, but thats bullshit, and I know it. Right now, he has the wireless set and I have his wireless mouse and old keyboard. Whatever, as long as I have something to work with.

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