Saturday, March 27, 2004


On top of the whole keyboard crisis, he somehow broke his bed. We broke his bed, actually. No! not that way! The box spring is all screwed up because the idiots had it set up all wrong, and the center board in the box spring splintered when he flopped on the bed. Oh my Gawd!! I'm not even gonna go into all the hysteria that followed that. This, of course, happened before I finally got my keyboard situation straightened out, it was then about 10:30, and I still hadn't been able to get back to work, so we had a whole big ordeal with his bed. Again.. because I'm a moron..and it was my fault, somehow. Once the bed was taken apart, he came in to my room to deal with setting my keyboard up. I don't know why he even needed to be in here, I could have done it and been ready and back to work in 5 minutes.. but NOOOOOOO. He ended up unplugging all my stuff (with me pitching a major fit and telling him to leave stuff alone and go away) and rearranging all the cords to the various crap I have plugged in around my work area.. alarm clock, phone, cell phone charger, battery recharger, etc.. and throwing them all onto the bed or in the middle of the room cuz he didn't like the "mess". This, of course, just made it that much longer before I could get to work, and was a total waste of time, not to mention that it pissed me off to no end. Why did he need to touch these things? Why were they of any consequence to the simple task of plugging in the keyboard and mouse? Ummmm...they weren't! Then.. he had to adjust the size of my screen and make the icons on my desk into smaller ones.. why???? cuz he likes them that way. It's better, according to him. Ummm... last time I checked it was my computer, my desktop, my icons..and he didn't even need to be in here, let alone adjusting my stuff. He does stuff like that all the time, every time I ask him to fix something or do something for me, and it totally pisses me off. I'm very possessive about my computer, and don't like anyone playing with it or poking around in it. It's mine damn it!! all mine!! He had me so frustrated, I was ready to hit him with the keyboard and tell him to get the phuque outta my room. So, I restrained myself from physical violence and told him, as calmly as I could, to just go to his room, I would fix up everything else myself..thank you very much. He did finally go and leave me alone, and after I calmed down I finally got to get to work. But, of course, that's not all. I offered on the way home from the store to stop to get some food, cuz I knew I wouldn't have the time or energy to cook anything. No, he said he wasn't hungry. He'd been snacking all day, and he didn't need dinner, he said. So, at 1:30, he strolls in here, while I'm working, and asks me what I'm fixing him for dinner!! Can you believe that shit?? He's off right now buying us some Krystals. If you don't know what Krystals is, it's kinda similar to White Castle burgers. They're little, tiny, 2 x 2 inch, thin squares of beef (cough cough) hamburgers, on little, tiny buns, and they have pickles, onions, ketchup, and mustard on them. I get mine with cheese. They're really not that good, but sometimes I get in the mood for some. The saying with Krystals is that you can always tell how drunk you were the night before by how many empty Krystals boxes are on the back seat of your car. Cuz they're one of the few places open all night, and you gotta be drunk to appreciate a Krystals burger. Plus, the best thing about Krystals in they're real cheap. You can get a sackful of about 12 of them for around 5.00. So, now that I've vented, I feel a bit better, and I guess I'll go back to work now before he gets back with the burgers.

I'm done now!

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