Wednesday, March 24, 2004

Damn! I 'm sooooo behind on my blog reading. I went to visit around a bit this morning, and everyone has about 5 or 6 posts, and sometimes more, that I've missed. It's going to take me forever to catch up with everyone, but I'll do it. My visitors have also dropped off by about half since I haven't been posting regularly the last week or two...that kinda sucks. I don't have hardly any regular readers to start with, and now its less. Oh well, that's what I get for neglecting my blogging I guess. I'll have to find something exciting to blog about and get the numbers back up. I have been really boring lately, and not posting much of anything interesting. No pictures or anything even. I do have some pictures I took of the house and the yard a while back, intending to post them, but J borrowed my camera and my USB cord to upload stuff with and he can't find the cord. I'll have to find it and get the pics up here shortly. Right now, I'm very freaking hungry. I'm having a strange craving for chips and salsa... it's 5:00 a.m. Why do I want chips and salsa at 5:00 a.m? It's not really diet food either, so I really shouldn't eat it anyway. I've kinda given up the low carb thing, that just wasn't working for me. I'm kinda watching em still.. but I'm just sorta watching em outta the corner of my eye now. I'm kinda just eating lots of veggies, chicken, salads, fruits..and bad stuff now and then in little amounts so I don't ever feel deprived. I feel like I'm losing, my clothes are looser, so it must be working. So, I'm going to get me something to eat, and I'll try to post a little bit more later.

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