Tuesday, March 16, 2004

Finally.. a new post!

Finally, it's calmed down around here enough for me to sit and actually post. Every day since Wednesday, I've just been running around, busy as a one-armed paper hanger, between trying to work and get ready for the party with my family..and lots and lots of shopping. I spent one heck of a lot of money over the weekend, I can tell ya that. I love my new swing, I think it may be one of the best things I've ever bought. I got my new freezer today, and I'm waiting on Danny to come bring me a new stove. It'll be really strange to be able to cook stuff in the oven again. I went to Sam's Club over the weekend, and I brought home a ton of stuff. Most of it was junk food. Though I did get a big bag of salad, some grape tomatos, fruit, some stewed tomatos, boneless, skinless chicken breast, and a huge can of tuna..so it wasn't completely bad. The diet kinda went out the window on Wednesday, when I went to the Roadhouse for lunch, and then to El Potro..there's nothing low carb about El Potro. Then, this weekend, I had birthday cake, and tons of Hershey's kisses.. and some Cokes. It's okay, I've probably gained back some weight, but I'm planning to jump back on the wagon tomorrow and start again. Spending time with my family was absolutely awesome. We hung out and kareoked, and talked, and ate a lot. We went to the flea market too. I tried to get Rick to take Belle with him back to Deltona, but he wasn't buying it. One of my nieces is 15 and has decided to be wiccan, so the three of them were sitting in the middle of the street in a circle lighting candles at midnight...I don't know what they were trying to accomplish, but I hope they've decided to use their powers for good instead of evil.

Every one of my brother's have gained a lot of weight since the last time I saw them, but so haven't I probably. We're a very round family now, except for my sister..she's still 5'6 and 130 pounds..da bitch. I was kinda pissed off to learn that Rick started smoking again. I'm usually a pretty optimistic sort, but when your dad has emphysema and can hardly breathe, and has to walk around with an oxygen tank on, and half his family died of some form of cancer, you tend to worry about things. So far, we're all pretty healthy, with no major health concerns beyond obesity, but ya just never know. I don't want to get that phone call from one of my brothers or my sister one day, telling me they just found out they have cancer or emphysema.. or anything at all. I don't know what I'd do if one of them died or got really sick. I know it's inevitable eventually, but I just don't think they need to help it along. I'd like them to be around for a really long time, if at all possible. I worry about death and people I know getting sick or dying a lot. It's pretty strange, really, cuz I'm a pretty upbeat, optimistic, happy sort in most instances, but statistically you have to know that one out of every so many people gets a disease and will die from it...and we'll all die of something some day.. I don't think we should tempt fate.

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