Tuesday, March 30, 2004

Heeee's outta here!

Heee's gone. J just brought John over, and he packed up all his stuff and moved his happy ass the heck outta my house..wheeeeeee. He got an apartment on the Westside with his new girlfriend, a one bedroom for 650.00 a month, that includes utilities, but still that's a heck of a lot to pay for a one bedroom on the WS. J just called me from the car to say it's a hell hole, with holes in the walls and a tiny bathroom, and it smells like pee. He couldn't guarantee that it was of the animal variety either.. ewwww. But, its their first apartment, and if they're happy with it, more power to em. As long as he's off my sofa, and outta my refrigerator, I don't really care if he lives in a box. Ok, that's not true, but now I no longer have to sleep in clothes. I no longer have to lock my door so I can take a shower without having to get dressed in the bathroom. I hate having to do that. I like to linger over my toilette, dry at my leisure, and moisturize, and powder stuff thoroughly, and then get dressed, while I watch T.V. I don't have to feed him anymore, and that's probably the best part. He tries not to be a hog, and it's not like he eats constantly or anything, but he's a 19 y/o guy..he does like to eat meals, and he likes a good portion. Then, there's the cost for extra pizza, and the fact that I'd pay for every meal for the three of us when we all went out to eat. Yeah, I could have told him he couldn't go with us unless he had money, but I'm just not that way. On the down side, J has noone to play with now. He says John told him in the car that they had had a fight, and he's worried she won't be with him for very long, and he can't afford the place on his own. He'd need to find a roommate. Not very likely at that rent with a one bedroom. Who wants to pay that kinda rent and not have a bedroom. I think he has it in his head that maybe he can talk J into moving in with him, since he doesn't think we should be together. He says we fight too much, but we don't really "fight" per se, we just have loud, discussions that frequently end with "fuck you!". But J said no way in hell. So, I'm going now to take off my pants and parade around my home in my undies..as God intended.

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