Tuesday, March 30, 2004

Here kitty, kitty

I almost stole somebody's kitty this morning. I'm not proud, but what can I say. It's not a pretty thing when you realize you have a the ability in you to be a kitty stealer, but it's something I just have to live with. My stupid ass dogs went off running this morning, because the pizza guy left my front gate open last night..grrrrrrrr I was soooo pissed!! I went out to get them, and they were off. I called that guy lots of not pretty names, I can tell ya that. My favorite I think was ass-phuqing whore. Yeah, delicate and oh so feminine..that's me! It, of course, took me hours to get them back into the house, so I had to keep going outside, from 3:30 til about 7:30, off and on, to try to get them. It finally took J going out there when he woke up to get them in. At one point, about 6:30ish, I saw them way down at the other end of the other half of my street. My street is split in half by a road, and they were on the way far end of it, chasing something, so I decided to walk up that way and see if I could get them. When I got to the top of the other half, I stopped at the corner, and the sweetest. kitty. in. the. whole. world. just came running up to me for some kitty love. He was maybe 5 months old, orange face, top half, and tail, and white legs and belly, and he just wanted to be loved, and purred so loud I could hear him still when he walked away a bit to go see his brother. His brother was the second. sweetest. kitty. in. the. whole. world. He came running over too, and I just stood there and loved on em, and they were just purring, little motors running, and would rise up on their hind legs towards my hand for more love if I stopped loving them for a second. Soooo cute. They had come from a yard a couple houses up the road, and I assume that was where they lived, but I wanted to take them home so bad, cuz they were just such lovey kittys. Then I thought how sad I'd be if someone walked off with Junior or Elmo, and I decided I had to leave them there. They reminded me so much of my favorite kitty, Yellow Kitty. He belongs/belonged (I don't know if she still has the kitties) to Princess Fatass, and he was a completely orange, or actually more of an orange cream, colored kitty, and he was loveable and sweet just like these two. He loved everybody, would cuddle up with anyone and just purr so loud you couldn't hear the T.V. I thought about stealing him when I moved out of on PF, but I didn't need anymore animals, so I had to let him go. When I finally gave up on trying to catch the two assholes and headed home, the first kitty followed me all the way to my house, winding himself around my legs, or sometimes just walking beside me. It was real hard not to scoop him up and bring him inside with me.. cuz ya know yer s'posed to be allowed to keep stuff that follows you home.

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