Thursday, March 25, 2004

J is not happy with me this morning. But he'll get over it. He woke up hungry and went to the fridge, expecting to find a porkchop, but it was gone. I got hungry about 5:30 this morning when I got up, and grabbed the pork chop, cuz it was quick and it was there. He said it was his chop, cuz he didn't eat last night, he wasn't hungry when he got home, and I put the leftovers in the fridge. Now, he claims that since he didn't eat, the chop belonged to him. I had to explain to him the rules of pork chop possession. I maintain that since the chop was never actually placed on a plate, alone or with other side dishes, and presented to him, it wasn't officially his chop. Had it been given to him, and he didn't eat it, but instead placed it in the fridge for consumption later, then it would, in fact, be his actual official chop. Making me a chop thief. But an uneaten chop, taken from the pan and placed in a baggie along with other leftovers, or by itself, is, in fact, a leftover, and not officially belonging to any one individual..and, therefore, open to consumption on a first come first serve basis. He skipped a meal, and lost the rights to claim the chop. Therefore, I did not eat his meat.

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