Monday, March 29, 2004

A Little Good News

I got really good news today and I'm pretty dang happy. I'm trying to buy this house, right, but I didn't have the time to do the financing thing and stuff before I moved in, so I've been doing a rent to own thing with Dan until I can get the financing set up. The problem is, my credit is way phuqed up, so I figured it would take me a while to get things straightened out enough to get financing in my name. As it turns out, I'm :: this:: close to having good enough credit to get financed. I'm at like a score of 497 and I need to be at 500.. That's waaaay better than I expected it to be. So, the finance dude told me what I needed to do to get it up to 500, which should be pretty easy to do, and then I'm good to go! I'll have my house all in my own name and stuff..and decent credit.. Yippee! I don't care about the credit, really, cuz I have no plans to be getting any credit cards or anything of that sort. Been there, done that.. I'll pass, thanks. That's how I got myself all screwed up to start with. I had 15 of the suckers at one time, and it got to where I had to pay most things with the cards, cuz I needed all my cash to pay the credit card payments. It woulda took me a gazillion years to pay them all off if I didn't blow them off and stop paying. I didn't do it on purpose, I just had lost a job and got with some bad man choices, and eventually I, basically, just paid the ones with lower balances off and the bigger ones kinda got lost in the shuffle. I just couldn't pay em, so my credit went into the toilet. I had planned on paying them "later" when I could afford it, but the thing with credit is that once it's been on there for a while, say more than 2 or 3 years, you're stupid to pay them unless you can pay them off completely. Here's why. Most bad things stay on your credit for up to 7 years. They will eventually fall off and your credit will be like new. But as soon as you start paying on them again or make a payment arrangement with the creditor, the clock starts all over again. Which means that bad debt will be on your credit report for an additional 7 years from the time you start paying again. If you can pay it off quickly and then have it removed, you're fine. But if you would have to make regular minimum payments, and can't afford to just get it paid off, you're screwing yourself by paying it. You're actually causing your credit to stay screwed up for longer. Then, even after you pay them off, the fact that the debt was owed may still stay on the credit report until you request it taken off. The companies don't go in and update and say you paid it automatically. Now, this is information I've gotten from several people who deal with financial stuff, as well as a friend who went through the whole credit cleaning process - her financial advisor dude told her the same thing - and my financing dude told me the same thing today. I know, it sounds phuqued up for it to be better for your credit NOT to pay your debts, but I didn't create the system. So, now that I know my credit isn't quite the crapfest I thought it was, and I will be able to get my financing and have the house be really and truly mine, I'm doing the happy dance :::dancin like Snoopy:::

Then..the other possible good news, though it isn't official yet, John may be moving out. Whoohoooo. Now, it's not that I mind John, he's my nephew (sorta) and I do love the boy, but him being here really just costs me money and makes it pert near impossible for me to walk around in my drawers. I love walking around in my drawers. I don't like the clothing least not in my house. I don't know when it will be official, but it's looking good. I'm not counting on it . but I am crossing my fingers.

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