Thursday, March 04, 2004

A New Friend...

Just what I needed. J and John came home from work tonight and decided, for some reason, to take a walk around the neighborhood. They were bored! So, that was no problem..until they came back with a friend. As I was getting dinner ready, John came in and told me to bring a bowl of water and some dog food outside. It seems, they found a dog, not very old, part Rottweiler and something else, but I have no idea what. It's small, about the size of Jazmine and Belle, but I can't tell at all what the mix might be. It's the sweetest, friendliest dog I've seen in a long time. It just wants to be loved and paid attention to. It absolutely loves J. They said it just started following them, and it wouldn't go away. The only problem is that it has very obviously had puppies recently, and it may have babies somewhere without a mom if it doesn't go home. It won't go! It must belong to someone, because it wasn't at all interested in the food, so someone has been feeding it. I told him to bring it back where he got it, because it may have pups, and if Belle or Jazmine got out and followed someone home, and they kept it, I'd lose my mind. Someone may love that dog and be freaking out right now. He says he doesn't remember where it started following them from, but it had followed them for quite a while, it was too far to walk back. I guess we'll let it stay here tonight, and tomorrow I'll see if he can drive it back to approximately the area he found it in, or I'll just have to open the gate and see if I can get it to go home. Maybe I'll ask him which direction they walked to, and see if I can head back that way and hope it leaves and heads home. I wouldn't mind keeping it, because it is very sweet and seems to get along with everyone here, so far, but I just don't want to be responsible for stealing someone's baby, or leaving a bunch of pups to fend for themselves. Even if noone particularly owns it, it may have pups somewhere that are now by themselves living outside somewhere alone. We'll see what happens, I suppose. I'm not gonna worry about it tonight.

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