Thursday, March 25, 2004

Out and About

J and I went out tonight..alone for a change. John went to his dad's for the weekend, which means I get to spend the whole weekend as close to naked as I like. wheeeeee. I'm quite happy about that. So J and I decided to run out and do some errands and grab something to eat. We went to Sam's Club and we got a bunch of stuff and only spent about 120.00, which isn't too bad.. except for one thing. We did get a few packages of meat, and some salad stuff, but the rest of what we got was purely junk food. Plus, it's not even stuff I would normally buy if I went to a regular grocery store. I bought a huge tin of Planter's cashews. I loooove cashews, but they're kinda expensive a lot of the time, and really kinda fattening, especially when you love them and will eat them until you burst, so I just don't buy them. But, somehow, if you put them in an industrial sized can, they are so enticing I can't pass them up. Gotta have em. I also bought two boxes of those little packages of donuts, powered and chocolate covered, because they're good for J and John to grab in the morning on the way out the door, or to snack on. I should NEVER buy donuts, because I have no control when it comes to them, but when they are put them in individual packets in large quantities for 3.89 and I can't pass them up. Then I bought corn dogs (blech) for J, and a huge can of cheese balls, and a 16 count box of Drumstick ice cream cones. All of these things were picked out by J, but I agreed to buy them, and if we were in a grocery store and he suggested getting them, I'd be like "I don't THINK so" Yet, while in Sam's they sound like a great idea. It's something about the rows and rows of stuff in big packages and the lower prices that sucks you in. It was all I could do not to buy a carrot cake! The thing was so huge, and costs about 13.00, or I would have got one. I just kept wavering back and forth about how absolutely yummy it would taste, and how it would look strapped to my ass along with the rest of the crap I ate, and the saving of my ass and my cheapness finally won out. With all this crap in my house, it's gonna be hell trying to keep myself from eating it. I just have to forget it's there, and enjoy my salad. Sam's Club is da debil! I also went to the little liquour area of the store and got me a huge ass bottle of Absolut and some all I need is some half-and-half, and I'll be in White Russian heaven. Yeah, I know, making drinks with half-an-half is not at all fattening, and is very healthy for you..but I only drink one or two that way, and then switch to low fat milk or skim milk when I'm making them at home. I so rarely drink that it will probably last me until next year, unless I have company or bring it to my sister's and have her help me drink it. That's cuz I have no life!

After Sam's, we went to Taco Hell and got some burrito supremes, and then stopped at Blockbuster, where I managed to spend 50.00 buying DVDs and renting a few movies. They had buy 2 get 1 free DVDs, so I bought Pirates of the Caribbean, Freaky Friday, and J picked out some icky horror movie that I'll never watch, but it's the one he wanted. He rented the Cat in the Hat and Cold Creek Manor, and I got School of Rock and Helen of we'll be busy watching movies this weekend. He doesn't have school this week, I don't think, so he'll be here annoying the crap outta me all week. I might have him lined up for a landscaping job, which I'll find out about sometime this week, and then he'll be gone if he gets it, but otherwise he'll be here up my ass..until I beat him over the head with a blunt object.

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