Friday, March 05, 2004

She's Gone

Well, the puppy is gone. I don't know if he put it in the car and tried to take it back to where he got it, although they claim they have no idea where they were when it started following them, or if he just put it outside the gate and it went off on its merry way. I just hope that if they let it out, it knows its way home and didn't follow someone else and get lost further. Someone will be glad to see her if she goes home, cuz she sure is a sweetie. I kinda wanted to keep her, cuz she was just so calm and happy and sweet, but I didn't have the heart to keep someone's dog, or keep her from her pups any longer if they are out there somewhere waiting for her. I'll miss her. She didn't have a collar on, which I would think she would if she belonged to someone, but she was obviously used to being in the house, because she was very well behaved inside and really wanted to come in to be with people. She never barked once, the whole time she was here, even though we left her outside in the yard all night by herself. Maybe I shoulda kept her and brought Belle's barking, growling, fence jumping behind to the pound. She got out yesterday, and I went out and chased her for 45 minutes and couldn't get her back in. She finally did come in, but I was not a happy camper. It took all I had not to beat the snot outta her when she finally decided to come back.

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