Saturday, March 27, 2004

Stuff I Thought I'd Share..

I noticed several things while riding around Jacksonville today: The first thing is, there are several people in residential neighborhoods around here with roosters and chickens..and sometimes ducks, wandering around in their yards. It's not uncommon to see a couple roosters just strutting around in someone's yard. This ain't farm country! Whats up with that? Jacksonville is a pretty large city, but there they are.. the chickens in the yard. The second thing I noticed is, they will make a church outta just about any kind of building here. There are a half billion churches, mostly Baptist, but also some Catholic, and a few Jehovah's Witness, and whatever other kind you may want, and most are regular church type buildings, but here and there you see these little run down crappy buildings with a little cross out front or a little sign that says it's some kind of church. One I saw tonight was a little rundown white building, that looked more like a shack than anything else. It had a fence around it that someone had made by hand, by nailing boards together and covering them with chicken wire type material, and a there was a little cross out in front and a sign that said Little ..Something or other.. Baptist Church. Sometimes you see places that used to be something like a Dairy Queen or a 7/11, and now they're churches. It's very odd. Then, we passed by this place on Beach Blvd that has a whole big bunch of these concrete statues and fountains on display. The place used to be a fruit and veggie stand that had a few statue type things for sale, but now its strictly statues. So, we drove by it tonight, and I saw they have this huge concrete statue of a gorilla. It's probably over 6 feet high, closer to 7 maybe, and it's just a gorilla made of concrete. I wanted to stop and see how much it was, cuz I thought it would be cool to have a big concrete gorilla statue in my yard, but J wouldn't stop. He's no damn fun! The other thing I discovered, is that it is virtually impossible, when riding in a car, to not sing along when Bohemian Rhapsody comes on the radio..complete with Wayne and Garth impressions usually. I know..I tried to resist, but it's futile. You just have to give in.. ::::Mamaaaaa just killed a maaaaan. Put a gun against his head. Pulled my trigger now he's deaaad:::::

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