Friday, March 12, 2004

Time Flies When Yer Havin Fun...

Wow, can't believe I haven't written a post in two days. It's been pretty hectic around here, and it won't be any better for the next two or three days. I'll be working all day today and tomorrow, so that I can go to Di's at night to party with my family. I saw Drew on Wednesday, cuz we stopped at mom's on the way to Walmart to tell her happy birthday, and everyone else will be here tonight.

I got my pay on Wednesday, and it was a pretty big one, so I promptly went out and hit the mall with Jen to spend it. I spent about 600.00 in under three hours..that was some fun! I got some new DVDs - The Bachelor, Mona Lisa Smile, Duplex, Under the Tuscan Sun, Notting Hill, Picture Perfect, and the Hot Chick and Nothing But Trouble. So I'll be busy watching movies for a few days. I got some new girlie type undergarments..I know, you really needed to know that. I got some new clothes, and new shoes, and a freezer, and a new CD burner for my puter, and a new cell phone, and a whole bunch of miscellaneous little odds and ends I needed for around the house and stuff, like a new set of pots and a couple new frying pans. Then we went to the Roadhouse for lunch..mmmm that was good. I was a little disappointed because I had my heart set on prime rib, but they don't serve it til after 3:00 pffffffffft, but it was still good. I had some baby back ribs and chicken. When J came home Wednesday night, we went out to this little Mexican restaurant we like, El Potro, so I wouldn't have to cook. They have some really yummy Mexican food there. Me and J had a big blowout on Tuesday night, mostly cuz I was in a bad mood, and I kinda purposely got him pissed off, just because I was irritated with him. Yeah, I know, I'm not proud, but what can I say. I felt bad..kinda..but he'll get over it. After El Potro, we went to Walmart, so I could spend some more money. I came ::this close:: to buying me an IPOD at Best Buy, but I decided to wait and hold off on that for a little bit. What I really want to buy is a new laptop, so I'm thinking I may save the rest of my money and get me one with my next check. My taxes should be in shortly, and with what I have left from this check after I finish paying some bills, what's left of my taxes after I pay what I need to pay out of that, and what's left from my next check after I pay my rent and stuff, I should be able to get a pretty nice one. My next big purchase, I think, is gonna be a pool. Now that I have my own place, I can finally get one if I want, and I really, really miss having a pool in the yard to swim in. I just wish I could afford an inground pool, but I know that ain't gonna happen anytime soon.

Today, I have to work this morning, since I won't be home to work until late tonight, I'm dead tired. I don't even have the energy to get in the shower, and now J wants me to run to the store to get some yard tools so he can rake and clean the yard. I guess I should be happy he wants to do it, but I'm so dang tired I really and truly don't want to go anywhere. I do have to get the yard cleaned up though, cuz Danny's coming today to bring me a new stove, and I hate for him to see the yard trashed. He's really picky about stuff, and he always kept the yard looking nice. I guess I'll have to bite the bullet and go to the store. Then I think I'm gonna come home and take a nap.

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