Friday, March 26, 2004

Tuesday was Chooseday

Tuesday is Chooseday

Yeah, I know I'm late. Better late than never.

tuesday is chooseday

    Would you rather:
  1. get an inner ear infection that leaves you feeling off balance for the next 2 years OR get a compound fracture in your arm that leaves your dominant hand useless for the next 6 months?

  2. Either would be awful, cuz I can't work with a messed up arm, and an ear infection is often painful, and would probably hinder my hearing, which would make working difficult too. I guess I'd take the 6 month fracture, cuz it's shorter and I can probably get disability for it.
  3. discover a new species of plant OR write a book?

  4. I think I'd rather write a book. Unless the plant I discovered was a fat free, calorie free, totally good for you substance that looked and tasted like chocolate.
  5. push the button that launches a nuclear missle at another country OR pull the trigger that kills just one suspected terrorist?

  6. I'd have to choose ice the terrorist. Terrorists suck, and I wouldn't wanna be responsible for wiping out a whole country.
  7. your parents tell you that you were conceived doggy style OR reverse cowboy? (thanks shenry)
I'd rather my parents kept that information to themselves thank you very much! but if I had to choose.. being a big fan of the doggy position myself, and not being able to even imagine my parents attempting the cowboy deal..I'd have to say woof woof.

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