Saturday, March 27, 2004

Ya know what's strange?

I'm watching Sanford and Son, and at the beginning of the show they show Fred walking out in front of his junk store and pulling up a chair to sit down. Then Lamont pulls up with a truck full of junk. The thing that just hit me..after a hundred years of watching this show.. is that you never, ever see or hear mention of Fred working in the store, he's always at the house or out and about somewhere. Every so often, Lamont will say something pertaining to having a truck full of junk to unload or something like that, but you never hear anything about Fred running the business. What's up with that? Am I wrong? Did I miss something? Does anyone else think that's strange. I suppose it could be that the show happenings just take place after business hours, and the store aspect is not pertinent to the show storylines, but you'd think that somewhere along the line there would be some sort of acknowledgement of the fact that he actually does own and work in the store they show in the opening. Guess I'll just have to file this in the things that make you go Hmmmm category.

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