Wednesday, April 21, 2004

Adventures in Grocery Shopping

So, I just went to the grocery store. All I wanted was some mustard, cuz we're out, and a chicken. I love chicken, and they have those roasted chickens for 4 bucks or so, and I was in the mood for some chicken. We went to the store, and 74.00 later, we came home. Sheeesh. Thats what I get for going to the store hungry, I guess. Worst part is, I didn't get much in the way of actual food. I got the chicken, and some Pepsi for J, and the mustard, and then I remembered we were low on mayo, so I passed the spaghetti aisle, and grabbed a jar of sauce, and aren't we low on tuna? which reminded me I was out of salad stuff, so I needed some cheese for my salad, and some rolls to go with my chicken sounded really good. Then J wanted some cookies to take to school with him. People in his class are always bringing stuff in, and he never brings anything, so I said fine I could do that. Only cuz he brought me home a whole thing of cookies the other day, and he brings me leftovers here and there, I figured I'd be nice. Heading to the checkout, I see they have Ben & Jerry's pints 4 for $10..well, that's not a bad deal! Better stock up, right? At the checkout, they have the Haunted Mansion DVD, just sitting there, staring at me. J wanted to see it, and I heard it wasn't the best movie, but it would probably be kinda cute. I like Eddie Murphy, I like fantasy/ghost type stuff. I like Disney and the Haunted Mansioin ride. J has been wanting to see it. Okay, sure, throw one of them on there too. What the heck! "That will be 74.00, please" WTF? Damn...that hurt.

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