Friday, April 02, 2004

Checkin' In...

It's an absolutely splendiferous day. Hope everyone is enjoying it, too. It was sunny and warm, not too hot, not cold, with a nice breeze. I took the day off and slept, and sat on my porch swing watching the world go by and the puppies playing in the yard. They're so funny, I love watching them out there. They run back and forth, barking at people passing by, and chase each other around, then when they get tired they plop down in the sun and take a nap. They're very happy with their yard. Now, if I could just get Belle to keep her ass inside of it, I'd be all set. It's nice and peaceful around here since John's gone. He's very loud, and most of his favorite phrases end in the words mother f*cker. I guess he's doing okay in his new apartment, though he doesnt have any food and has to walk a few blocks over to his granny's to eat. I don't know what he'll do come Monday when he has to start back to school, and he has to take the bus every day all the way from the Westside. That's at least a 3 bus trip, he'll have to change downtown, change at the mall, and then walk about six blocks to get to the school. It'll be a 2 to 3 hour proposition both ways. Better him than me, that's all I can say. I spent part of my day in the kitchen today too. Yeah, me.. in the kitchen..voluntarily. Miracles never cease. I made a huge bowl of macaroni salad, a big bowl of tuna for me (white albacore, onions, celery, Miracle Whip), and a big bowl of tuna for him the way he likes it, a big green salad, and then a huge pan of Spanish rice for dinner. Yuuuumm. Then I cracked the Absolut and Kahlua and mixed me a little refreshment..just one, cuz alcohol puts me to sleep unless I'm active and out dancing or something, and I don't like to sit at home and drink, especially alone..I only like to party with other people and out at bars and stuff. It was pretty freakin' good though. J went to his friend, Mike's, and he's been gone a few hours, so I'm enjoying my peace and quiet, watching Freaky Friday, and relaxing in the last few hours of my relaxation time. I think I'm gonna head to bed pretty shortly, though, and catch up on some more much needed sleep. I may even take tomorrow off too!

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