Sunday, April 11, 2004

Easter Shmeester..Happy Sunday Morning.

Okay, I've resigned myself to the fact that there isn't gonna be any candy this morning, so Easter Sunday or no, I'm into my usual Sunday morning routine. The dogs have been out to potty twice, I'm sitting at my puter working **cough** and watching my usual Sunday morning shows. First, we start out with two back-to-back Ally McBeal reruns. I love Ally McBeal. I started watching halfway through the first season and watched religiously every show for a few seasons, but then I stopped watching for some reason. I missed all the Robert Downey Jr. eps. I missed the Billy dies episode. I missed a lot of great stuff, and now I get to catch up every Sunday morning from 7:00 to 9:00 a.m. I love the weird stuff that goes on, the dancing baby and all that. I really look forward to getting to see the stuff I missed now. Sad, ain't it! Then, it's two back-to-back episodes of 90210 reruns. I missed the last couple seasons of that show, too. It just finished up the end of series, and has looped back to the beginning again. Wow! What a shocker to see how young all of them were. Dang, that shit makes ya feel old to realize how long ago this show started, and how long it's been off the air, and that I was already 24 when it started. Yikes! 19-freakin'-90, people! That's the year it started, and it ended ten full years later..10 years. That means, if you do the math (I can count, I know, shocker!) this show has been around for 14 years. The "kids" on this show are in their 30's. Maybe even close to..or over..40. Scary! What's even scarier is that means that I'M close to 40 too! Shit! How did that happen?

Being that it's Easter Sunday, we'll be going to my sistah's house for Easter dinner, though I'm not sure what we're having. I don't think it's gonna be ham, cuz her oven bought the farm this week, and I don't know if she's had a chance to get a new one or not, but it would be nice if it was ham. I could go for some, really. If not, it will probably be steak or chicken on the grill, which works too. Free food is my friend! Yummm. Speaking of food, I'm pretty dang hungry right now, I think I'm gonna go rustle up some eggs in a minute.

We ended up at IHOP last night for dinner, and I had strawberry pancakes and scrambled eggs..I haven't had strawberry pancakes in a long time, they were really good. Cover it in whipped cream, and I'll eat just about anything. Speaking of eating, I started taking those Zantrex 3 pills the other day. I'm not taking them so much for weight loss purposes, cuz I know better than to think diet pills are the way to lose weight, but more for the energy boost. I decided I needed a little energy boost to get me off my ass and help me get moving, and to help me stay awake at night while I work. I guess I shouldn't be taking them, but I figured I'd give it a try for a little while. The thing is, that they do give me energy and help me stay awake.. a lot! They're kinda messing up my sleeping. I don't sleep very soundly if I take them too close to the time I decide to lay down, and then I don't get rested, so I'm tired and need to take some pills to stay awake. yeah, it's one of those "vicious circle" ordeals. The thing is, I don't see how they are a "diet" pill, cuz damn they make me really hungry! I get hungry to the point where I need to eat right away.. desperately..but then it doesnt take much to fill me up and they make me not "feel like" eating. It's strange to feel like you're starving to death, but not want to eat anything. Nothing looks or sounds good, particularly, but ya have to eat something cuz yer starving. I guess I'll have to stop taking them, but it was worth a try.

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