Saturday, April 10, 2004

Happy Happy Joy Joy

Okay, it doesn't take much to make me happy, I know. Really, you would think something spectacular had happened, when really all that happened was I finally got the new keyboard I ordered today. It took forever to get here and was wrapped in a rather slipshod fashion, covered all over in a criss cross pattern of blue priority mail tape, and I had just about given up hope of it ever getting here, but here it is! So, in celebration, I decided to treat you all to an actual post. I ripped it out of its box immediately, and plugged that sucker in..chucking the POS keyboard I've been using since the unfortunate "Keyboard Drowns in a Puddle of Lemonade" fiasco, and now I can type away to my hearts content. Fingers flying deftly over the nice, new (to me) keys. This baby has a nice light touch to it, let me tell ya. I'm typing at lightning speed now..there's no stopping me. Ya see, some people may not notice, and may not care about what kind of keyboard they have. As long as they can sit down, put their little fingers on the keys, and produce words, they're happy as clams. I, on the other hand, am not that type of person. It's not because I'm anal or even picky, really. It's just that when you type for a living, and the size of your paycheck depends on your production, and production naturally increases the faster you type. if you get a keyboard that is poorly designed, small and/or cramped, and if the keys don't have a "light touch", and you have to hit them with a bit of force, instead of lightly tapping them while your fingers fly, it deeply impacts not only your speed, but your ability to type with any kind of speed and effectiveness. Plus, your fingers and/or wrists get sore if you go for long periods without taking breaks, because of the need to really hit the keys. So, I have been a not very happy camper this past week or so waiting on the arrival of this keyboard. I could have gone to Walmart, paid some more money, and got a sufficient keyboard that would have been usable, but I didn't want to put out the money on a temporary one, when I knew I had a great one on its way. There is a certain type of keyboard that me and several of my MT friends swear by, and I haven't had one in a while, but I finally broke down and ordered one this time. The only company I know of that makes the right type, though I'm sure there may be more of them, is a company called Keytronic. I don't even know if they still make them, or if one day they will be extinct and I'll never be able to find another one, maybe I should stock up! They are basically pretty large, and tend to have a larger than average enter key and space bar, and they are typically only found in places like flea markets, thrift stores, and Ebay..cuz they're old. Most of them are not PS2, and you need a keyboard adapter to use them. But, the keys are arranged in a way that is compatible with being able to easily hit them quickly on the fly, and they tend to have a very, very "light touch", so that your fingers can just barely touch a key and just zoom along at lightning speed. Yeah, it doesn't take much.. but I'm happy for the moment.

Update: I did a search, and it appears they do still make them, and the newer ones look to have the same type of design as the older ones, and are PS2. Now, I may have to order one of the newer types to see if they have the same kind of touch to them.

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