Monday, April 19, 2004

Happy Monday

I sincerely hope I have more motivation today than I've had the past few days. I was having some major concentration issues, couldn't even concentrate long enough to think of a post, never mind actually put words in any kind of coherent order. Today, I think I'm better. Its early yet, though, too soon to tell for sure. I went to bed pretty early last night, but I did manage to stay awake long enough to watch the most of High School Reunion. Are you watching that one? I don't know why they bothered to invite anyone besides Johnny, Luann, Denise, Gabe, and Heather. Well, there is the little Trevor and what's her name love thing now, too. The rest of them..who are they again? I missed the last 20 minutes, so I didn't see what happened with the Gabe and Denise hall pass, but I don't think I missed much. Heather needs to get a life! Wahhh she was mean to me in high school and she stole the love of my life. Ok, so Denise was mean to her, and she took the opportunity to come to the reunion hoping to get an apology. Alright, it's a little ridiculous that she hasn't gotten over it, but so what. But the whole Gabe thing? The man spent 10 years with Denise, had children with her, divorced her..yeah, ok. But he went on the Hall Pass with her and slept with her. He didn't accept the second Hall Pass from Heather, but then asked Denise to go on his. Hello! Then, she turns around and says he's playinig games and trying to play them both. She feels bad for poor Denise. No..he just doesn't want you! He said "there is no me and Heather". Clueless..table for one!

Anyway.. there was a story on the news this morning about an 18 month old boy who had drowned at his day care. Now his parents are trying to get a law passed that day care providers are not allowed to have a pool. Stuff like this pisses me off. It's sad that the boy drowned, and the day care may have been negligent, but because one child drowns accidentally, they have to make more nanny laws to prohibit others from having a pool. Others who are licensed. Others who have the required 4 foot fence. No more pool for you, because some idiots left their child with an unlicensed provider, with no fence around her pool. First of all, the day care chick was unlicensed, and the parents knew this. They knew she had the pool, and I don't think it had the required 4 foot fence around it, yet they left their child with her and were paying her to take care of him. I didn't hear the details of the drowning. If she was just really negligent and didn't pay attention to the kids, that's one thing. If she was generally a good sitter, and did pay attention to the kids, but somehow he got out and she wasn't aware, and we all know accidents happen even to good parents who do watch their kid, that's another thing entirely. Now this lady is going to be charged with 3rd degree murder and operating a business without a license. She should be charged, she should be held responsible for the death of a child who probably wouldn't have died if she had been doing her job, or if she had been licensed and had the fence. Maybe the parents should be charged too. Why shouldn't they share blame in leaving their child with someone they knew was unlicensed and didn't have a fence? They shouldn't be crying now that we need more laws to keep licensed people who are within the guidelines, and do actually watch their kids, from having a pool. Maybe I'm crazy, and maybe I'd feel differently if I had kids, or if it happened to someone I know, and it was a child I loved. Maybe I don't know what I'm talking about. It's probably not even a big deal if they pass the law and people can't have pools at day cares. I just don't think we need to make a law every time someone gets hurt or dies accidentally.

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