Thursday, April 15, 2004

A Harrowing Tale

It was a close call here tonight, let me tell ya. I thought I was a goner. If it wasn't for the quick actions of J, I coulda been killed. I was in the kitchen, minding my own business, preparing a feast of culinary delights for my man (waiting for the microwave to finish) and I looked up into the corner of the room..and there it was. Cover your eyes for this one Serenity. Up in the corner, crawling quickly on these huge, hairy legs, was the biggest spider I've seen in years. Yes, huge, hairy, icky, made my skin crawl, gave me the willies paook. The thing was as big as my head! I kid you not. I said "Oh my phuqing Gawd!!" and shrieked in typical girly fashion, and J came running in to see what was up. He quickly drew his sword (grabbed the can of Raid) and commenced a battle with the beast. It was touch and go, a fierce battle, where my man risked his life and almost lost it, in order to save me from the humongous, evil creature. If left unchecked, it surely would have killed us both in our sleep. He was brave and fearless to take it on, but take it on he did, and he emerged, at last, victorious when he ran the beast through with his blade (he squirted it a bunch of times with the Raid, and it fell over, curled up into a ball, and died). My heart is still beating fast from the experience, and I'm sure glad I had a big, strong, man to battle evil creatures for me. That thing was freakin' nasty ::shiver::::

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