Sunday, April 25, 2004

Hey, Sonny..Go Get Granny A Dime Bag

I have a friend who I talk to all the time, and in the course of our conversation yesterday she mentioned that her parents smoke pot. They're close to 60, or maybe a little over 60, I'm not sure. Then, while typing a report for work today, the doctor says that the patient is 69 and admits to "smoking copious amounts of marijuana". Now I have pictures of grammas sitting in their rocking chairs with a nice mellow buzz, or hanging out in the kitchen, baking their Toll House cookies.. cuz they got the freakin' munchies sunthin fierce! Is grandma getting forgetful? No, it's not Alzheimer's, she's just so high she can't remember her name.. or feel her face. That's why she keeps forgetting to put her teeth in. I don't know why, but I just never pictured old people getting high. Drunk? yeah, I know the old folks like their cocktails, but I guess I assumed that when grandma is in the potty for a long time, its not because she's gotta hit the crack pipe. Like, at the weekly bridge game, the games are being held up while they cut lines on the bridge table, or excuse themselves to go to the bathroom and snort a few lines. Somewhere, right now, there could be a couple gray haired old men, sitting around the cribbage board passing a joint back and forth. It's just weird. I guess I just thought it was something you do when you're young, and by the time you get old, you grow out of it. How sad is it that you can't afford to buy your blood pressure meds or have to eat cat food, because you can't afford food and your weekly bag. I guess it's not so strange these days. Someone in their 60's would have been in their 20's in the 60's, probably a hippie, flower child, hanging out getting high. People in their 30's in the 80's who got hooked on coke would now be in their 50's to 60's. Granny isn't a gray-haired, frail old lady sitting in a rocking chair, knitting booties, and baking cookies anymore, they're online, surfing, and playing spades and stuff. But, just thinking of a 70 or 80 year-old lady, driving down to the 'hood with her social security check every month to get herself a dime bag is just too weird. Are little old ladies now hangin out in the Bingo Hall tripping on acid? What's the world coming to?

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