Saturday, April 10, 2004

I Don't THINK So!

I'm basically a pretty generous person. At least I think I am. I try to be. I support J so he can go to school, I let Princess Fatass live with me for 10 months without paying rent and didn't throw her out on the street like I should have. I took in J's nephew, Eric, for over a year and supported him completely, with no help from J or the child's mother. Though his grandmother did buy him clothes and stuff occasionally, and would sometimes take him on the weekends. Otherwise, it was all me. I give stuff to people all the time. If I go out with friends, I often offer to pick up the check, especially if they have done something for me recently that helped me out. I buy rounds at the bar for my friends sometimes. But, there's one situation where I get stingy. No, you can't borrow my CDs or my movies!! freakin' way.. nuh uh..step. away. from. the DVDs! (and hands off my computer, but thats more of a privacy/work safeguard thing) I used to be generous with those as well, but almost without fail, anytime I have lent one out, it either comes back scratched, the VCR accidentally eats it, the cover is mangled, or spilled on, or it just doesn't ever come back at all. I've lost probably 30 to 40 videos and probably as many CDs to borrower trauma. Stick a fork in me, my lender days are done. I have such bad luck with my videos, etc that just before I moved to this house, I had a pile of about 10 DVDs on my TV stand, I went to sleep and they were in a nice, neat pile, and I woke up and the pile was now split in two and two of my DVDs were gone..GONE! J and John were both in the house, but neither of them had the first clue where they had gone to. Some fiendish DVD stealing ghost floated into my room as I slept and helped themselves to Bruce Almighty and my Xmen2 DVDs. They are still gone without a trace, and noone has a clue what happened to them. Now, I have a theory that involves one or two guys with a lack of cash and a mad cigarette or gas money deficit who thought I wouldn't notice they went missing. They are probably at one of their friend's houses or in a pawn shop somewhere. I went ballistic, of course, and told them one or both of them better come up with the cash to replace them. I don't care where they went, I just want them replaced. I'm still waiting, and I will get them back, rest assured. But, today, J came in here and started rifling through my pile of DVDs, reading off the titles of what I have to his friend, Mike, on the phone. He was offering to lend him some of my movies! Why? I couldn't begin to imagine what would make him think he had the right to offer my possessions to his friend without asking, or why he thought I'd agree, but there he was. I have about 40 or so DVDs now and I just bought Gothika for him, though I haven't watched it yet, and he offered to let Mike borrow that one. Okay, that's fine, he can lend his. I don't care if I sound like a cheap DVD-hoarding maniac, I told him to get his paws off my DVDs ..get the hell out of my room..he isn't lending my stuff to anyone. Loudly. Embarrassingly loud enough for his friend to hear me going off on him. Now, J isn't very happy with me, because he assures me that Mike wouldn't steal or ruin my stuff, and he probably wouldn't. Mike's a decent guy, and I think he does take care of his stuff. I'm sure it would be fine, and they'd come back in the same condition they left in. I'm just not willing to take the chance on being wrong. I love my movies and my music, and I buy them based on the fact that I like them and want to continue to be able to watch or listen to them for a long time, so it really, really irks me when something I've already bought once has to be replaced due to some idiot I was dumb enough to trust with my precious videos. Yes, they are my precious and I wants them. I feel bad cuz now I'm sure Mike thinks I'm some petty, selfish, freak, and that I don't trust him, and J thinks I'm just plain mean..but that's okay, cuz I may be a petty, selfish, DVD-hoarding, meany freak, but I still have all my videos!

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