Thursday, April 22, 2004

It's Amazing...

My dog is psychic. I have long suspected this, but, really, I have now come to the conclusion that it's true. She knows things. Like, when I'm getting ready to get up to go do something, before I actually make any effort to get up, she'll get up and trot to the bedroom door and sit there waiting for me, so she can follow me to wherever it is I'm planning to go. Of course, if it happens to be to the bathroom, she'll follow me in and either stand next to me, turning her butt towards me, so I can scratch her butt while I do..whatever it is I'm doing....or she'll just jump right up into my lap and sit on my lap til I'm done. I have no choice in this. She's not a small dog. It's not like she's a freakin' poodle or anything. But that's not the point. The other thing that she does that makes me sure she's psychic, is the thing that's really amazing. We have an arrangement, me and my dogs, where I get to eat whatever I'm eating, and they don't bug me while I eat, and in exchange, they get the last bite of everything I eat. I'll eat it down almost to the end, and then split the last bit between the three of them. If it's something small, or there's any leftovers, Jazmine gets it.. because she's the queen. So, consequently, they don't usually bug me too much while I'm eating, until it gets down toward the's where the psychic part comes in. Jazmine will be laying there..sometimes way on the other side of the room..not watching me or paying attention. She may even be sleeping. Until just as I get down to the last bit.. then she runs over and sits down next to me, or jumps up and puts her paws on my legs, and whines. She KNOWS when I get to the place where it's ready to go to her. God forbid I keep eating past the point where there's not an ample amount left to split between them. It's not such a feat with a sandwich or a piece of meat, etc, because you can really kind of guage by looking at it when it gets to the right point, but when I'm eating something like cereal, she'll sit and mind her business, and just as I get to the last bite, she'll jump up and run over, ready for hers. How does she know? she can't see in the bowl. She can't know how much is left from across the room! Yet, she knows. As soon as I get down to within two bites from the end of the bowl, without fail, she comes over and starts whining until I put down the bowl for her. She's psychic... there's no other explanation for it.

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