Sunday, April 04, 2004

Man! I don't know what's up with pictures not wanting to show up here lately! My Exotic Dancer Barbie pic isn't showing up, and I can't figure out what's wrong with it.

Speaking of exotic dancers.. why are guys so retarded that they go to titty bars? Really..think about it. I have a friend whose ex-boyfriend would go every Friday after he got paid to the strip club and sit there until the place closed. Why??? First of all, they usually charge a cover, then they charge you double what you pay in any other place for watered down drinks, or drinks in such small cups that it's pathetic. Then, guys who work all week, busting their humps for their pay checks will sit there, gawking at the nekkid girlies, and stuffing their hard earned cash into their G-strings. Gary, the ex-boyfriend, would go home practically broke every Friday, cuz he handed these girlies his cash. The girlies are just working them for the money, and probably laughing at how pathetic they are, then they go home to their boyfriends, hubbies, or ..more likely..girlfriends, and the poor guys who shelled out all the cash go home alone and either take matters into their own hands, or try to get their wife or girlfriend to give it up. They, most likely, tell them to go screw, if they know where they'd been, so they could have invested the cash and their hard earned money in treating their woman well, and would probably get done very well. Instead, all they are is broke, without sex, and didn't even get to touch the nekkid stripper girlies. Most of the strippers I've seen aren't even all that attractive. They're average looking, though some have good bodies or really big tatas, but other than that, I wouldn't pay to see them naked if I was a guy. I just dont' get it. Some guys aint all that bright!

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