Tuesday, April 06, 2004

New Toy Problems

I'm kinda irked with my new phone at the moment. I got this phone because the phone I had wasn't capable to use with T-zones.. I have T-mobile, for those who don't know what a T-zone is, and it allows you to download cool ring tones and games and stuff. Before I purchased the phone, I called T-mobile and asked them if it was T-zone compatable and they said yeah, it was. Then I went to the the website and found the blurb on the phone, and it says it is T-zone compatible. Then.. I get the dang phone, and get all giddy, and go to the website to start downloading stuff..and when I change the settings to my new phone, it says it's not T-zone capable. Arrrrrgh! what's up with that!! It has a T-zones area in the phones settings, so it obviously has the setup for it. I don't get it. Now, I'll have to call Tmobile and spend time trying to figure out what the phuque is up with this. If they don't have a solution, then I'll have to either deal with it and live without the T-zones..waaahhh..or buy another new phone. pffffffffft

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