Wednesday, April 28, 2004

On Ellen today...

I'm watching Ellen today, as I sit here and work, as I so often do, and she has come up with two new little additions to her show. The first is a tap dancer, named Omar, she pilfered from the Apollo Theater, as near as I can tell, who she is using to signal when it's time to go to a commericial break. She has trouble stopping people mid story when they need to go to commercial, so Omar will now tap dance across the stage to signal a commercial break. This may not be her smartest idea yet. First of all, what is the point to tap dancing? I could never figure it out. Yeah, I know it's dancing, duh! But what's is the objective to being a tap dancer. Is it the ability to make certain noises with your shoes by moving your feet in a certain way? It appears to me that it really doesn't make much difference when you're tapping what you look like when you're doing it, or the exact positioning of your feet, as long as it makes a nice sounding tappity tappity while you do it. I could be totally off on this. Any input would be appreciated. The point is, that now, every time there's a commercial break coming, this guy busts out on the stage and taps across it, doing a little show. This is not only rude to your guests, in my opinion, they don't get to finish their sentence even, but it wastes minutes that could be used for the guests comments, while we watch the tap guy do his thing instead. It's entertaining, I suppose, but wasteful of time. Plus, it really focuses attention on the number of commercial breaks there actually are. I've never realized before how many dang commercials there are during the course of one Ellen show. With Omar there to emphasize it, you can't help but notice. The second little addition is something I could use a little pocket version of, actually. She has a Wheel of Greetings, that she spins to determine what type of greeting she will share with each of her guests. They range from a short hug, an extended hug, to a handshake, or a kiss on the cheek. This could really come in handy. I'm a hugger, personally, with people that I know. If I don't know someone well, though, it's kinda touch and go tryiing to figure out which way to go sometimes. Some people you meet, and you know them sorta well from online or from different things, and even though you've maybe never met in person, you feel you know them well enough that you should hug them. But, maybe they're not comfortable with the hug, and you go in for the hug and they kinda freak a little, it's uncomfortable. Then, maybe it's someone you know, but you wouldn't say you're friends really, and you would think a brief hug or even just a handshake would be appropriate, yet they go in for the full hug and/or kiss on the cheek deal. It's all very confusing. A Wheel could really help to straighten things out. Hmmm.. maybe I'll have to work on that.

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