Saturday, April 24, 2004

Oops.. I Lost A Day Somewhere

Okay, I dropped the ball yesterday. I completely forgot to post. Busy day, I guess. Today is no less busy, really. I have lots and lots of house cleaning to do, work up the wazoo I'm behind on, and it's 1:00 and I still havent made it into the shower. Too much drama around here. Ooooh the drama! Breakups are hard, we all know. But when you breakup, and your ex just happens to meet a new woman online and she puts his name in her profile about how much she looooves him, and your best friend's boyfriend just happens to be in the same chat room and reads her profile, and tells your best friend, and then she calls you, and she sends you a copy of the profile and a copy of his where it says how he's planning to marry his new woman someday know you have to call the ex and give him shit. Ya gotta. Especially when he was, just that morning, meeting with you to give you some money he owes you, and was lying about how he couldn't afford to pay you what he owed.. yet he, apparently had taken his new woman out on the town the night before. So then, best friends being what they are, you have to call your best friend with the updates every 20 minutes and tell her the "he said, she said" of it all. Soo..I've been on the phone getting the updates all morning. What's funny is, this guy threatened to kick J's ass (as if he could), for talking to his woman and "getting in his business", when all he did was say hi, and tell her he knows her boyfriend...and then tell me, of course. But, if he had just let it alone, and let it die, there wouldn't be a problem. The fact that he got so upset about them talking, of course, had us wondering what kinda lies he filled her head with that he is so afraid she'll find out. We, of course, had to investigate and see what we could find out. Turns out, he blamed all of his money and bad credit problems on my friend, and said he "got taken advantage of big time" when in reality she pretty much supported him, and the only reason he has a car is because she cosigned for it for him. Well this is all very time consuming stuff, all this intrigue and investigating...who has time for trivial things like work and cleaning.

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