Wednesday, April 14, 2004

Something's Gotta Give

Just watched the movie "Something's Gotta Give". What makes it so wonderful, you ask? Well.. aside from these two.

Two fabulously sexy, wonderful, talented "older women". I've loved Diane Keaton since "Annie Hall", she's great..though kinda kooky when you see her off the screen, I still think she's great and I love to watch her. Frances McDormand as her sister, Zoe, was really good, too. She is also a very attractive and talented "older" woman, and they were great together in this movie as sisters. Though, we don't get to see enough of Frances, when she is there, she's lots of fun. I wish they had given her more to do, because she's mostly only on screen during the first part of the movie.

Then, if that wasn't enough, there's this guy.

Love him! Okay, I don't know what Jack Nicholson's appeal is, but he just has that "something". Charm? Charisma? Talent? Yeah. That's it. He's a wonderful actor, and I love to watch him in anything he does. I don't think I'd do him, cuz appealing or not, he's still old enough to be my dad, and not particularly my type, but other than that.. What's not to love?

Then, if nothing else..even if the movie was an absolute crapfest in and of itself (which it soooo was not) I would watch it repeatedly until I wore it out for one reason.. this guy
. I looooove me some Keanu. OMG, he's hot. Of all the things that make my girly parts all squishy, he's one of the biggies. yuuuuuumm. Those eyes.. that smile.. that voice.. that hair.. that ass... oh Lordy, Lordy I'm all on fire just thinkin' about it.

He's right up there with guys that look like this guy..
This guy is so young, I should be arrested for even drooling over him, but I just can't help myself. Unfortunately, he's not in the movie.. I just like to look at him. Keanu, on the other hand, is in the movie, and is fair game. I'd watch him in anything.. or nothing.

There's also Amanda Peet

I haven't seen many things she's been in, but I loved her in "Saving Silverman" and "The Whole Nine Yards", and she's a great actress, very cute, and was great in this movie too as Erica's daughter Marin. I didn't see much chemistry between her and Jack, personally, but I guess that's probably intentional, because if there was a genuine "thing" between the two of them, it might make it kinda hard to turn around and have him kinda dump her for her mom. Kinda creepy to date someone who has dated your mom, but I guess since they never had sex it's not too bad. Nevertheless, she's adorable and very likeable.

So, for those who haven't seen the movie, here's the story:
Harry (Jack Nicholson) and his much younger girlfriend Marin (Amanda Peet) plan to spend a romantic weekend at Marin's family home in the Hamptons for their first official humpfest. . But their plans go awry when Marin's mother Erica (Diane Keaton) and her aunt Zoe (Frances McDormand) show up unexpectedly. The couple is further foiled when Harry has a heart attack in Marin's arms. As Harry is unfit to travel, Erica reluctantly allows him to stay in her home while he recuperates. Erica, is an accomplished playwright and 50-something divorcee, rather uptight and used to being alone. She has convinced herself she doesn't need men. The men her age, aren't interested in dating women her age, they all date younger women, a theory confirmed by the relationship between Harry and her 20-sunthin' year old daughter. Harry, is an aging confirmed bachelor who has always confined his romantic aspirations to women half Erica's age. At the start, these two find themselves both attracted to and repulsed by one another, and as it progresses, they find that there is an unexpected spark..which turns, of course, to love. Of course, it's not that simple, and there are some plot twists which end up with Harry dating other "younger" women again, and Erica finding a little comfort for her broken heart in the strong and willing arms of the hot, young stud, 36 year old Dr. Hottie..errr Julian (squish, squish).

The comedy and romance in "Something's Gotta Give" are, of course, derived from the notion that women of a certain age have a terrible time finding suitable men because the desirable men in that demographic date much-younger women. This fact disgusts Erica, and she reconciles herself to the fact that she's not likely ever to find love again, and occupies herself with learning French, writing, and decorating her home, and wearing turtlenecks..ick. But, enter Keanu as Harry's doctor, Dr. Julian (ever so hot) Mercer. Rowr!! A big fan of Erica's plays, he is attracted to her instantly, and pursues her. I think younger guys who appreciate an older woman is very sexy, and he certainly does appreciate her. Their relationship turns the tables on the older man, younger woman scenario, and is fun to watch. Though we don't get to see him naked.. a big minus..but he's still looking good even in his clothes. Their relationship also provides an obstacle for Erica and Harry to work through, before they can finally end up doing the "Happily Ever After" thing.

Harry (jack) at one point admits, after catching Erica (Diane) naked in her bedroom, that he'd never seen a woman that age..a woman his age naked before. He makes up for that, and it's one of the best scenes in the movie. The scenes leading up their first "big bang" are great. So funny, when she rips off his blood pressure cuff (don't ask!) and yells whoa baby! Its been a long time since I've been in "that place" that moment in a relationship where you know it's gonna happen, you're going to be having sex that night..or day, whatever, and the anticipation and heat that builds. That when? where? how? will it be good? Who cares, as long as you do me! God, I want you now! Yeah.. I miss that! Diane Keaton not only gets to play that moment with Jack Nicholson..she gets to have it again with my man! Da bitch! Who says older people can't be sexy.? These two prove that they really, really can. All-in-all a great movie, I plan to watch it a lot more times. If you haven't seen it, you should, it's funny, sexy, and fun to watch.

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