Wednesday, April 21, 2004

Top 50

50 worst songs

This is so wrong! I hate when magazines and TV shows do this kind of thing. It's so subjective, and who made these people the gurus of musical goodness? They pick a person or group of people, and they pick songs that they like or don't like and decide that this sucks because of this or that, and that is wonderful because of this or that, but chances are that of the songs or groups they decided are the worst things ever, when someone else reads the list they see a handful of their favorite groups or favorite songs on the list. I see several songs I like, and several groups I like on these lists that Blender put out. Maybe I just have terrible taste, and I should just shut up. But if I do, and I'm just terribly, terribly bad at picking songs or groups, then I can't be the only one. These songs and groups they pick are/were popular and/or famous at one point in time. Popular enough to be well-known. So what if they aren't profound or earth-shattering. So what if they're stupid or bubble gum, or whatever the criticism is. It's one thing to have personal preferences and say "I don't like this, and I think that sucks", but to sit down as a small group of people and compile a list and declare that these 50 or 100, or whatever, songs, or groups, or CDs, or movies etc, are the absolute worst pieces of crap ever produced. Arrrrgh. It's just like those idiots who make lists of blogging rules and declare them law.. pffffffffft, whatever!

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