Saturday, April 10, 2004

Update and Stuff...

I've been sorta busy the last few days, with not much time to post. Sorry about that. I even missed Buzz's Blog it Forward the other day, and I may have to do a late edition a little later, if I get a chance. Between working and training and just the regular day to day crap, I haven't had much time to much of anything. Plus, it doesn't help that J is out of work until June or until he finds another temporary job, whichever comes first. He stresses me. Thursday, I ended up having to drive out to BFE with Jenny to deliver a dog to my friend Brenda's house. It's about an hour's drive from here, so we didn't do any training that day, but I wasn't in the mood anyway. Not that I ever am recently. It wouldn't be so bad if we could do it later in the day, like say 1:00 til 5:00, instead of 9:00 to 2:00, but Jenny has to pick up the kids by 2:30, so that isn't an option. If she ends up moving next door to me instead of out near Brenda, we'll be changing the hours. The kids get the bus right in front of my house, so she wouldn't need to be go get them, and they could just come to my house off the bus. Then I'd be able to sleep.. I loooove me some sleep. I haven't slept yet, cuz I worked all night, but I do have big plans for sleeping real soon. Actually, if you want to be honest, I pretended to work all night while I really surfed and played on Ebay, but no need to get technical. I figure once I finish this post, I'll hop in the shower and then lay down for an hour or two, then get up, run out to get something to eat..cuz I'm too lazy to cook..and then come back and work the rest of the night. That's the plan anyway.

So, anyway, about the dog. It was given to John's girlfriend/? exgirlfriend, by a friend and her parental units said she couldn't keep it, so she left it at John's. Bright move, considering it was a 6 month old black german shepard who was used to being outside (not at all housebroken) and he leaves at the ass-crack of dawn to get to school/work and comes back at Gawd o'clock in the evening. Which means the poor thing was locked up in his bathroom alone all day. Most likely howling. He said she would get up and sit in the sink and howl at herself in the mirror, and she got into his medicine cabinet and ate his toothpaste and toothbrush, and she was decorating his house in doggy doo-doo. Duh! Why don't you try being 6 months old and kept confined in a small room for up to 12+ hours a day and not making a mess or two. Assholes! So, anyway, his landlord said it had to go by Friday, or he was throwing him out, and he was going to let it loose to fend for itself if he didn't find someone to take it. J wanted to keep it, and I really would have loved to take her, but I really, really didn't need another dog right at the moment. Especially one that isn't housebroken at all. She was pretty, though. She's very sweet. Unfortunately, there's barely enough room in my bed for me now, one more dog in there and I'll be sleeping on the floor. Brenda, as it turns out, knows someone who had a male black shepard, and he said if she took Roxy from us, he would give her his male so she could breed them, and he would take a puppy from her. He wants a watch dog and his male isn't watch dog material, and is more likely to love a burgler to death than try to eat him. Roxy is the same way, so I dont know that two calm, loving dogs are likely to produce one with the proper killer instinct, but ya never know. So now Brenda has two black shepards, and two harlequin great danes to make lots of babies for her. Now, Amanda is pissed cuz John gave the dog away and said she wants it back, but she shoulda come and got it when she was told to, and she wouldn't have these problems. I don't know what she expected him to do with it..or where she thinks she was going to keep it since her parents said it couldn't stay there, but she'll get over it. Now, the dog has other dogs to play with and 22 acres of land to run on..I'm sure it will be far happier where it is.

Yesterday i was pretty busy doing the cleaning thing. I cleaned the entire house. I did half the kitchen, the living room, my room, and the bathroom..on my hands and knees cleaning the floor no less..and I got J to do the rest of the kitchen and wash the kitchen floor for me. I had to do him, but it was worth it to get him to clean for me.

Tomorrow, we're going to my sister's for an Easter dinner type thing, and that should be fun. Any excuse for a free meal works for me. Now, I'm going to get in the shower and start working that nap I have planned.

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