Thursday, April 29, 2004


Well, it doesn't look like I'll have to move to another site, I don't think J is going looking for my blog or anything. Unless he has, and just decided that it was okay, and that it is better not to tell me he's found it, so that he can continue to read it and see what I say about him. I doubt it, though. I don't think he's that slick. I told him when he saw it that it was just my website, not being specific that it was, in fact, a blog separate from my personal site, where I write all kinds of evil things about him, but he didn't mention it last night. Lucky for me, he's not that internet savvy. He can fix a computer, but he isn't a Google master.. like myself. Not that it would be hard, even if he only saw the title of the blog, if you Google Days Go By, I'm numero uno! If you Google JaxVenus, I'm all over. He has no clue about HTML and website stuff. He can't FTP. He can't make a table or post a picture without help. I like it that way. The less he knows..well, the less he knows, if ya see what I mean. I like my men dumb and pretty.. yeah, I do.

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