Sunday, April 11, 2004


It's Easter morning..where's my CANDY!? I woke up, crawled outta bed, hurried to the potty, then tiptoed into the living room in jammies, all ready for some marshmallow peeps, jelly beans, Cadbury eggs, chocolate-shaped bunnies filled with chocolate marshmallow stuff..and, of course, my huge-ass solid chocolate bunny with the candy eyes, in a big plastic basket, lying on a bed of plastic green Easter grass. ::searches:: wtf? Oh yeah! I'm not 7 anymore dammit! I don't think it's fair that the Easter bunny stops coming just cuz you grow up and move out of your mom's house. There's not even any brightly colored hard boiled eggs in my fridge. It's just not right ::shaking head::: The good news, though? Tomorrow is half-priced Easter candy leftover day.. WOOT!

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