Tuesday, April 13, 2004

Ya know what? I figured out this really amazing thing this weekend. Are ya ready for this one? Are ya? Hold on to something, cuz ya won't believe this!

If you spend a couple hours cleaning your house, get it really nice and all spic and span, and then every day just pick up stuff that falls on the floor, put the clothes in the hamper, instead of the corner of the room, do your dishes before the pile in the sink reaches the ceiling, and maybe run the vacuum every two or three days.. your house will be..are you ready for this? Clean!! It will be clean, without spending an hour or two ..or three..trying to pick up, sort, wash, and put away or throw away the clutter and mess that you are left with if you don't do these things. In like 10 minutes a day..it's amazing! You heard it here first, kids.

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