Thursday, May 06, 2004

Alarming Trend?

I'm watching FOX News, and they have a story about kids "cutting". They call it an "alarming trend". Are these people living in a cave? Are they just realizing this goes on now? Maybe it's because I'm an MT and I have done psyche reports for quite a few years, so I hear about kids, and sometimes adults, who are suicidal and cutting on themselves all the time. Constantly. To the point where I wonder what the hell is wrong with society these days that makes kids so frustrated, hurt, angry, or whatever it is that drives them to cut themselves. I wonder all the time, too, if this is something relatively new that rarely went on in "calmer, gentler times", or if it's been around just as much since "forever", and it's only now being recognized, or becoming more widespread. According to the news program, it is a growing phenomenon, and it mostly affects girls. They cut or burn themselves to relieve anxiety, and sometimes break bones. The fact that things like anorexia and cutting on themselves are things that mainly affect girls is a sad thing in itself, and a whoooole nuther very long post entirely. I think it says a lot about girls and women in general, that it's such a common thing that they feel they have to starve or maim themselves to be heard, to gain control, or to get some kind of release. But that's for another day. The psyche guy they talked to says it's the fastest growing behavioral problem affecting adolescents in our country. I have read some people's blogs and journals, where they talk about the fact that they hurt themselves, and that it's a release, or that the pain somehow makes them feel better, and sometimes that they do it to punish themselves because they're bad and stuff. So, the question is, assuming this is something that has been going on for a long, long time, but is now growing in frequency at an alarming rate, is the growth in frequency due to the fact that kids are so much more stressed and emotionally screwed up these days? Or is the fact that there are 2,830,000 results for the Google search "when I cut myself" some kind of factor in the growing trend? How much do internet sites and movie portrayals about "cutters" and people who hurt themselves account for the rise in the trend? Or, are there that many results for that search because it's been around forever, but with the internet, people are only now able to have a way to talk about it with others who are also cutters, and maybe are trying to reach out for help? Of course, not every one of those 2,830,000 results are from "cutters", some are things like "when I cut myself with a broken glass", or some other random thing, but a good portion are from "cutters". Like this one Why Cut myself. Unfortunately, I don't have the answer to that, or the solution. I just know that something isn't right somewhere, if this is what kids have to do to relieve their pain, or to even be able to feel.

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