Tuesday, May 11, 2004

Apparently, I'm Going To Live

I went to the doc today, and that was lots of fun. I still felt like poo this morning, so was really not even in the mood to put on clothes and leave the house, but my ear was really starting to sting. The doc was one I've never seen before, I go to this clinic sorta place. Nice people. He was pretty cute. Dad brought me over there, and he tried to tell me it was a waste of time to go to the doc if you know what you have, since you can get your drugs online without a prescription. Dad's a big fan of stuff you can find on the internet. I told him I was aware of that, but I thought since my ear was actually pretty painful, and pretty much swollen shut, you can't even work a Q-tip inside of it, I thought it was pretty much a good idea to actually go see what the doc had to say. Even if I wanted to order them, I would have had to wait overnight while they delivered them, and by going to the doc I could get them today. So, anyway, I'm driving with dad to the doc's, and it was fine on the way over, but he lost it somehow on the way home. Now, my dad has been a truck driver most of his adult life. Big rigs..and then buses when he retired. He knows..or knew..how to drive well. But, he's getting older now, he's 65, and he gets a little confused. He doesn't pay attention real well sometimes. You're pretty much taking your life into your own hands at times driving with him. He's cute though, so I guess we'll keep him. As dad's go, he's pretty cool, and my mom sorta likes him. Usually, he does okay cuz he had my mom with him, watching everything he does and instructing him on how to drive. They're a trip. Anyway, he had to cross from one side of University Blvd to the other and drive into the lot across the road from where we were, and I didn't think we were gonna make it. I was hoping we would make it though, cuz I didn't want my last meal to be Chicken Mc Nuggets. As it turns out, the doc says what I have is actually "swimmer's ear". I musta gotten water in it and it got infected. He gave me some Cortisporin drops and some Levaquin, and told me to come back on Wednesday to check it. If it isn't much better by then, I'll have to go to an ENT specialist to have a wick put in the ear, so that the medication can get down into the ear. I don't wanna do that, particularly. Don't like doctors. Don't like "procedures". Don't wanna do it. I'm sure it won't hurt or anything, but just the same, I'm hoping to avoid the whole thing entirely, and just get better with my drugs and my drops. I took my pill and have used the drops a few times today, and I still don't feel great, but my ear does feel a bit less swollen. I made a "wick" of my own of sorts, and took a Q-tip with some medication on it, and stuck it as deep into the ear as I could without pain, and I'm hoping that will help some. I'll find out on Wednesday, I guess.

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