Monday, May 17, 2004

Happy Monday!!

Gooooooood Morning!! It's bright and early on Monday morning, and here I am, getting ready to start work. Jen is coming today for training, after taking last week off. It was a nice, peaceful week, full of sleeping and loafing. Ahhhhhh...heaven. Of course, it would have been more like heaven had I not felt like complete crap and been able to do anything. But, ya can't have everything, right! I do feel better now, and maybe I'll actually feel like posting something interesting this week. Don't get your hopes up..but it could happen. I spent all day yesterday cleaning my room and my kitchen, and rearranging my house. My room is all nice and shiny and organized now. When I went to Wally World to get my new printer (which I also set up last night, and it works fab-u-lously..thank you!) I also bought a wire utility cart-type thingy and one of those cube-type shelf things that you put together. They're supposed to be for closet organizing, but they work great as regular shelves, and I organized and sorted the mounds of papers, books, magazines, and general crap that I had piled around my computer. You can see my desk now!! Yeah, there was one under there..who knew?! Now, I gotta get some work done and do some last minute stuff that needs done before Jenny gets here. I'm sure I'll be back later.

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