Friday, May 28, 2004


I soooo need a life. If I had a life, and someone who knew how to have fun, or was willing to do something different once in a while, I could go down to Jax Beach tonight for the Moonlight Movie and watch Jaws outside on the big screen at the beach. Then this weekend, I could go to the Music Festival and see Edwin McCain and Train, and I forget who else is playing...for free..with fireworks and stuff and drink beer, and listen to some music under the stars, down by the river...or go to Landing and listen to the band down there, sit outside on the patio at Hooters or one of the other restaurants/bars there, and drink beer or some frozen tropical concoction, and eat wings..and maybe, if the mood strikes, get up and dance a bit. Then maybe take a nice moonlit stroll along the River Walk.. Then, if I had a life, Sunday or Monday, I could head out to Palatka for the Blue Crab Fest..for more music, beer, and some serious crab eating and carrying on.. well, that's what I'd do if I had a life..but since I don't, I have big plans to sit home and ..what ELSE!!?, of course.

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