Thursday, May 06, 2004

I'll Be There For You

Well, it's done, and as predicted there was copious crying. I kinda saw the twins thing coming, there had to be something special and unexpected that happened. They couldn't just have a baby and be done. I figured it would either end up being twins, or she would have some drama about second thoughts about giving the baby up. Or, Monica would find out she was pregnant. it just me, or do they EVER let you just take the baby home the day it's born? No tests? No monitoring? No making sure the babies are eating and thriving? It was like going to the bakery and picking up a pie..I'll take one hot, fresh..or two in this, please! and off you go on your merry way. It was like, "We're taking Erica to recovery now" Okay, see ya! Thanks for the babies, have a nice life. We're going home with our babies now, we'll call ya! Do they keep the babies in the hospital two or three days usually because they want to monitor the mom, or do they keep the mom in the hospital three days so they can monitor the baby? Hmmmm.. Where the heck was Emma? I guess it woulda made the Ross and Rachel getting back together thing seem less romantic, if they had to hug and kiss with a baby in her arms. I knew she wasn't getting on that plane, that was a no brainer. You had to know they would be getting back together, though I half thought maybe Ross would end up getting on the plane with her and going to Paris to live. I'm kinda surprised they didn't have anything about Joey and him deciding to move to California. I thought that was kinda strange, and I wonder why they didn't. Oh well, it's over, the end of 10 years of Friends.. I miss them already.

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