Sunday, May 09, 2004

J got a job today. Yeah!!! Well, I guess I shouldn't be too excited, because he hasn't actually started it yet, and who knows if it will work out, but I don't think there should be any problem. Other than the fact that his new boss barely speaks English, and communication might be a problem with her, he should be fine. He has been doing some work here and there for one of his teachers at his school, mostly painting and doing yard work, and installing ceiling fans and stuff..helping them remodel their home, pretty much. The woman that cleans for them, apparently, owns a cleaning/janitorial service, and she told him yesterday that she would give him a job. I think it's like 8.00 an hour, not great, but not too shabby, considering it's just being a cleaning person. I don't know a lot of the details, because I asked him but talking to J about anything, and trying to get any kind of concrete information out of him is like pulling teeth. He's not sure of a lot of the details yet either, so I guess we'll just have to wait. It's better than the 0 dollars he gets now. I think he's eligible to go back to work at the school in August, possibly, so even if he can hold on to this job until then, if he really doesn't like it, he can always quit and go back to the school. I really don't think the woman would blame him, since it pays 10.00 an hour. Of course, he would leave a job at 8.00 an hour to go for one for 10.00. He'd be stupid not to. Now, if he stays at this job, once again he'll have his own cigarette money and gas money, he'll be able to pay his bills on time again, and he will be able to give me some money finally. Here's hoping anyway.

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