Friday, May 14, 2004

Pet Cemetary

There was a story on the local news tonight about a pet cemetary here in Florida that was just discovered to have been dumping the animals they were supposed to be burying "with dignity" in mass graves, bulldozed over with dirt, where the bones are now sticking out of the dirt, some are exposed to the sun. There's no telling how many pet owners these people took money from for loving burial, whose pets were then just dumped in a ditch, essentially. My first gut reaction was mild horror. How could they do that? How could they just dump people's poor puppies and kitties in a ditch to rot like that? People are all up in arms and now they're talking about investigating all of Florida's pet cemetaries. I do think these people should be made somehow to make it right with the people whose money they took for a service they didn't provide as promised, and the manner they buried these animals in wasn't right. They should have probably had their own space, with maybe a marker of some sort. But, really, as sad as it is to think of dead puppies and kitties dumped in a ditch, how many times have you had a dead kitty or beloved dog..or maybe even a goldfish...your best friend.. part of your family.. a pet you loved, that you took him out in the backyard when he died wrapped in a trash bag maybe, and buried him in the yard with no box or anything. Have you ever had to flush poor Moby down the toilet? I know I have. When Princess Fatass's cats would have sickly kittens..which was kinda often..and they would die, she would put them in a plastic grocery store bag, tie it up tight, and put them out in the trash, so they wouldn't get icky in the yard and have other animals digging them up. Unfortunately, if they died in the middle of the week and it wasn't close enough to trash day, she would put them in the freezer first...yeah.. really gross. But, the point is, people are acting like these pets should have been buried in little copper caskets with head stones, and to bury a pet any other way was a horror. At the animal shelters, sometimes they burn the animals they have to euthanize. What can ya do? If these people paid for extra care and were promised copper caskets and headstones, and they didn't get it, I'd sue their ass off, but other than that, I think maybe a fine for improper disposal of a dead animal..or maybe llegal dumping would suffice. But thats just me...

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